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This Week’s Top Dining Experience – Thonglor

This Week’s Top Dining Experience – Thonglor

In the past, Soi 11 used to be the home of the city’s cool nightlife – boasting legendary venues such as Bed Supper Club and the infamous Q-Bar. However, over the years those names have faded away into the realm of people’s memories. These days the Soi is no more than a Khao San Road Mark II.

Instead, people are now going to Sukhumvit Soi 55, otherwise known as trendy Thonglor.

Soi 55 is actually 3 lanes wide and has the convenience of the BTS Sky train right in its midst. There are a wide variety of businesses in the vicinity, including many Thai street stalls, electrical goods stores and florists. Further into the Soi there are numerous residential areas, as well as commercial ventures. There are also many small sub-sois running off the main road which are home to small shops and restaurants. Back on the main road is where it is happening though, with bars, clubs, restaurants and boutique shopping outlets aplenty.

Below is our restaurant of the week within the Thonglor district. This restaurant has personally been visited by one of our team.

Sendai Ramen Mokkori

This is a very cozy venue with a great family feel to it. Just like most Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, the owner is also the head-chef. He not only creates an amazing atmosphere inside the venue, but he also greets every customer who walks in with a loud “irasshaimase”, which means “welcome, please come in” in Japanese language.

Sendai Ramen Head Chef

The Japanese feel is continued in the dining experience by the waiters who yell all of the orders directly to the chef. The waiters and waitresses are very well trained and you can see just how much they feel a part of the whole experience.

The menu in Sendai is quite substantial, especially when you consider that it is only the owner who is cooking all the food. The secret of success lies in the famous Ramen dishes which are soup based and known as a comfort food throughout Japan. Each signature soup is well-prepared and is certainly something that has to be ordered when visiting. The menu is also packed with many other favourites from the Japanese cuisine. There are also a number of snack-style dishes on offer.

Sendai Ramen menu

Prices are very reasonable too; starting at around 149-169 per serving. Considering the size of the portions are often too much for one person to conquer alone, this is very good value.

Finally, just like any good Japanese Restaurant outside of Japan, you will find Asahi Draft available on tap. You can purchase this by the glass or by the jug. In addition, there is also a respectable selection of both lower and higher end Saki branded beers.

Thonglor is located on the main Sukhumvit BTS line and is very near to Ekkamai. If you are unsure how to get there then you can easily flag down a taxi and ask them to take you to Soi 55 which they will almost certainly know.

A link to there Facebook page can be found here

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