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Top 5 attractions for expat kids in Bangkok

Top 5 attractions for expat kids in Bangkok

As a family guy, you know very well that it’s equally important for all your family members to have a good time while visiting Thailand and if you have kids, then they’re certainly your number one priority when coming here.


While you may initially think that Bangkok has little to offer when it comes to fun activities for your kids, you’re soon going to be proven wrong, since we have come up with the top 5 most interesting things to do for expat kids that are going to have them experience the best time of their life.


  1. The BAMBI Playgroup


The BAMBI playgroup is one of the best places many expats are going to visit while in Thailand, since here their kids can have a great time with both Thai and expat children. If you’re a member of the group, you’ll qualify for a discount, but if not, you can still use the playgroup on a pay as you go basis.


Keep in mind that though the maximum age for being able to let your kids have fun here ranges between 3 and 5 years old based on the group of your choice.


  1. Visit The Fun-Arium


What is the Fun-arium? Well, as the name implies, this is an indoor super kids playground that is great for kids up to thirteen years old to have fun in hundreds of ways. The Fun-arium covers almost two thousand square meters and it’s located in the center of the city on Sukhumvit Soi twenty six and the good news is that it’s full of play equipment that has been imported from the United Kingdom.


The playground is divided into 3 areas which are designated for toddlers, older kids and a sports zone that comes with a full cycle and rollerblading track, but also a football and basketball court. There’s also a feeding zone that serves both hot and cold drinks and food.


  1. The Bangkok Snake Farm


With both outdoor and indoor areas where you can see a wide variety of snakes, the Bangkok Snake Farm is a really impressive place you can take your kids to if they love creepy-crawly creatures. There are daily snake handling performances you can all enjoy and given the fact the snake farm is close to Silom, if you live in the center of Bangkok you can easily get there in just minutes.


  1. Kidzania


Kidzania is a relatively new resort that opened in 2013 and is basically an entertainment center and indoor theme park designed specifically for kids between four and fourteen years old.


The center features shops, paved roads, fire stations, but also hospitals and even street lighting and as you can see, it aims at providing a both fun and education experience for expat parents who want to ensure their kids have both a great time and learn something as well.


  1. Siam Ocean World


This last attraction reminds me of a great song by Susumu Hirasawa called Siam Lights and let me tell you that this aquarium is a wonderful place to relax. Covering 10000 square meters, this is one of the largest aquariums on the continent and is filled with hundreds of species of fish, including sharks.


Better yet, you’ll also be able to experience a glass bottom boat ride in the center tank which allows to get really close to the oceanic wildlife here. Keep in mind though that as a foreigner, you’ll have to pay 2x much compared to a native Thai, but if you’re a resident of Thailand and can prove it, the fee is that of a regular Thai.



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