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What Are The Advantages of Bangkok Condos Over Bangkok Homes?

What Are The Advantages of Bangkok Condos Over Bangkok Homes?

Technically all residences are homes but in this instance we mean to look at the difference between renting or owning a Bangkok condominium and renting or owning a house, Chinese Style Shophouse or individual flats and apartments.

The Asian condominium market is well served as a housing model, and the greatest growth is in this segment along with modern housing estates for the middle and upper middle classes. Condominiums extract the maximum amount of value from the smallest space of land and operate in a different manner to privately let flats and apartments or indeed houses.

Location is everything

It’s important to distinguish between modern condominium developments and older ones. Less shiny projects are still in good locations but if you look around at the new Condo developments a picture soon emerges of the kind of locations that appeal to both the land owners and the new condominium buyers. Access to public transport is vital whether that is the over ground Skytrain in Bangkok or the Underground MRT network.

Proximity to shops and supermarkets is essential to new condo buyers. It’s usual to find that the big two supermarkets Tesco Lotus and Big C are in harmony with new developments such that either the supermarkets precede the condo developments or follow shortly after.

Another angle on location is that a condo land buyer is always looking to purchase as close to the main centers of commerce and business districts. Or at least, if that is not possible, to the mass transport systems that provide for them.


One of the great advantages of Condominiums run by a management team is the facility to have maintenance problems solved much faster than if living in a private residence such as a house. Not all condos have a service team on the premises but even if they don’t there’s a wealth of expertise in managing the place and they will know exactly who to recommend for air conditioning, electrical or water plumbing issues.

Often smaller problems occur again and again over a condo development so the expertise to resolve it in the quickest possible manner has been learned by the time you have to raise the alarm over a leaking tap or noisy air conditioning unit.

Trying to find reliable ‘fix it’ specialists in Bangkok can be very difficult as the service specialists make a lot more money working for the property developments and can keep busy all the time. The private guys are reluctant to sacrifice larger jobs to resolve any problems in a private property.


Safety is a crucial part of one’s living experience in a condominium development. Statistically fewer problems occur in condominiums than in private residences. This is because of the CCTV that is in place throughout any modern project.

The lighting and public walkways and passages are in good maintenance with only the most daring criminals attempting to rob or steal from a condo or condo owner.

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