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What are the best districts in Bangkok to Rent Property?

What are the best districts in Bangkok to Rent Property?

Once you move into Bangkok, whether temporarily or more permanently, you will need to find a good place to rent a good property. Usually, most people are inclined to go to areas where there are high concentrations of expats, if you are a foreigner. Others try to find rental properties in places that offer easy access into the city.

On the other hand, others generally look for places where they can get great deals on their choice rental properties.


But of course, location is the prime factor when looking for rental property. So, what are the best districts in Bangkok to rent property? Read on to find out.


  1. Lumpini

This location contains high-rise condos and even serviced apartments available mostly for rent. This is a good place to stay if you are touring Bangkok since it is also the location of several 5-star hotels. This location is also the zone where many embassies are located.


  1. Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit offers a broad choice of rental properties, which is why it is arguably one of the best residential districts in Bangkok. Several tourists rent properties in Lower Sukhumvit, where there is a broad choice of serviced apartments and hotels. There are also condos in this section of Sukhumvit.

More importantly, the lower part of Sukhumvit offers access to Bangkok’s great transportation system and major shopping, dining, and entertainment joints.


However, for those who like low-rise condos, Mid Sukhumvit is a great place to live. In addition to offering easy access to the BTS train, you can also enjoy living with other expats. However, if you want an affordable rental residential property, it would be best to try out the property market in Upper Sukhumvit.

The place may not have been historically a favored location for rental properties but the BTS train system has made it a viable option for many people living in Thai.


  1. Silom

Silom is a great place to rent a room in a hotel since it offers easy access to the city’s commercial center as well as the legendary Bangkok nightlife. Silom also contains high-rise condos in the midst of old Thai neighborhoods.


  1. Sathorn

Sathorn boarders Silom, and basically offers the same property options as this popular residential district. As one of the oldest and largest commercial district in Bangkok, this place mostly contains commercial properties.

Nevertheless, the location still has offerings of hotel rooms, which is a good idea for rental property if you are in Bangkok for its nightlife.


  1. Patumwan

This location is close to Lumpini, and generally offers similar rental property options. So, you can rent apartments and condos. Additionally, while in Patumwan, you will have easy access to five star hotels and possibly your home embassy. If you like high quality housing, this is definitely the place to go.



Bangkok has a very active real estate market. The quality of properties around the city is generally quite high. Basically, the best locations to rent properties include Lumpini, Sukhumvit, Silom, Sathorn, and Patumwan.

In these places, you will get high concentration of expats, good rental deals, easy access to the valued train system, and other benefits.

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