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What do you Need to Become an English Teacher in Thailand

What do you Need to Become an English Teacher in Thailand

Many travelers in Thailand find it hard to say goodbye at the end of their tour. A good number of them tend to extend their stay there for several months and even years. You can make a living during your stay by teaching English while enjoying the inviting culture, friendly locals and varied landscape of Thailand. English teacher are in plenty but there is always room for more. So, do you know what you need to become an English teacher in Thailand?


National requirements

You are qualified to teach English if you are a native speaker with a four year degree from a recognized university. Many schools prefer people with TESOL or TEFL certificate and previous experience. A master’s degree in education is preferred, especially if you want to teach at the university level. You will also need a B Visa or Non-Immigrant Business Visa. You can get the visa easily if you are sponsored by a school or hiring agency before going to Thailand. It is however important to know whether you are fully qualified to teach English in Thailand before moving for a teaching adventure.


Speaking Thai

This may sound funny for those who have never taught overseas. Most schools prefer teachers who don’t speak Thai to make sure the students are completely immersed in an English classroom with no other choice other than speaking English with the teacher. This gives students a decent grasp of English with a reason to practice the skills they have already acquired.


Finding teaching jobs

The great thing about finding an English teaching job in Thailand is that you can easily secure one from your home. This saves you the hassle of traveling around in search of school with good rates. There are very many website that give job listings and you can opt to keep updated with the list of new opportunities all over Thailand. Most schools begin their year in May all the way to March with breaks in April and October. Many teachers are hired one month before every year with contracts of six months.


Teaching options

There are many areas where you can teach English. They include:

International schools: They are among the best schools that you will ever teach in Thailand. There are many benefits of teaching in these schools from better organizations and customs of working with both locals and foreigners. They have longer paid holidays and better facilities. Their calendar is different from that of regular schools since it runs from August to June.


Trilingual or bilingual schools: They are fairly equipped and pay better than public schools. They have less working time, but you will have to pay for your work permit, visa and teacher’s license.


Government schools: Most of them are stuffy with few resources in hot environments. Classes are much larger with about 50 students which is tricky to teach in.


In conclusion, you don’t need to be a grammar expert to teach English although some commercial language schools will require you to pass a grammar test. It therefore doesn’t hurt to brush on basic structures and tenses before going for the interview. Moreover, most Thai students are beginners with limited ability to understand and speak English making it easier for those with relevant English teaching experience to adapt.

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