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What to Expect If You Invest In Bangkok Condos

What to Expect If You Invest In Bangkok Condos

While most expats can only expect to find a condo to rent in Bangkok, there are those who seek out the possibility of investing in condominiums in Thailand. Certainly, it is a potentially lucrative venture for those allowed to pursue it given the increasing number of foreigners who elect to make Thailand their home. It has been said that the number of people looking for condos to rent in Bangkok guarantees investors an annual yield of at least 7% in the nation’s capital.

Condos in Sukhumvit

We will focus attention on the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok since it is the city’s most popular area and is also where most foreign investors focus their attention when it comes to condos. Best estimates state that approximately 4,500 condo units have been created in Sukhumvit within the last year. One would imagine that supply would exceed demand meaning cheaper rents when looking for a condo to rent in Bangkok but the 7% yield suggests otherwise.

When you look to purchase a condo in Sukhumvit, you could pay as much as 115,000 THB per square foot for a luxurious condo and around 90,000 THB per square foot for a mid-level condo. If this seems a lot, bear in mind that you can ask for rent of up to 20,000 THB per month for the mid-level condo and rent of up to 80,000 THB per month for a high-end two bedroom condo.

Perhaps you have no interest whatsoever in investing and would rather just find a nice condo to rent in Bangkok for a price you can afford. At HomeConnect Thailand, we can set you up with one of the aforementioned luxury condos or we can find you something a little less opulent. No matter what accommodation you need, we can find it for you and help you settle into a comfortable and happy life in Bangkok.

If you looking for condo for rent in Bangkok please send an inquiry on our enquiry page and we will get back to you promptly.

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