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What to Expect in Thailand

What to Expect in Thailand

Thailand located in South-East Asia is a long way away from many Western countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thai culture is quite different from that of its Western counterparts. It may well be possible to buy branded clothes, designer jewelry and high end electrical goods, in Thailand, however, some things are very different.

Food is a basic necessity and it is very important to know about the local cuisine and what to expect. First thing to know is Thai people like to eat at all times of the day and night. Whether it is 6:00am in the morning or 11:30pm at night you will see Thais eating on the streets. Thais will also eat things like fried chicken and rice drenched in chilies at both these times. This can seem quite strange to those who are used to just cereal or eggs for breakfast! But it is not just the different times of the day that can seem strange when witnessing Thai eating habits, but also, what they eat.

If you are brave enough to visit a Thai Outdoor Market you will see that the Thai cuisine is worlds apart from the western world, and encompasses much more than what you get at the local Thai restaurant in any city in the US or UK. Some of the food that is eaten by the locals such as fried bugs, fried chicken feet or beef brain curry can definitely be considered strange by visitors. While it is not for everyone, Thai street food is high in taste as it is in ‘uniqueness’ and definitely worth a brave try.

Regarding road travel, this is another ‘colorful’ area in Thailand. In many Western countries road rules and regulations are very strict and made with safety in mind. In Thailand, no rules apply. You have a very good chance of seeing 25 people crammed into the back of an open-backed truck speeding down the highway. You will also see families or 4 or even 5 people holding on to a motorbike as the rider struggles to see where they are going!

You may see long distance Lorries with tires that are completely smooth flying down the roads. But that’s not all that’s different from say the streets of New York or London, even with all this you will rarely ever see an instance of road rage or people blowing their car horns in anger. And that highlights another important point about what to expect in Thailand – expect some of the most chilled out and non-confrontational people you will ever meet.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind if you plan to live or do business in Thailand. HomeConnect has been helping people move to Thailand for over 30 years, get in touch with us if you have any questions or visit our website for more information on properties and investing in Thailand retail.

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