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What Type of Properties Can Be Rented in Bangkok

What Type of Properties Can Be Rented in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most lively and stylish cities in the world, where modern architecture exist along with ancient temples. This blend of modern and traditional architecture has attracted people from different parts of the world who are keen to experience life in this bustling city.


Despite this influx, there is no shortage of accommodation in Bangkok. In fact, research shows that 14% of houses in this city are unoccupied making it easier to find a place to call home. While most of these structures are Thai styles, there’s no shortage of expat style as well as quality properties for rent in this city. Here are different types of properties that can be rented in Bangkok.




There are a plethora of houses which offer guests ample space as well as a sense of belonging. Most houses in Bangkok are privately managed, and prices do fluctuate a great deal. It is not easy to find a perfect house and a realtor, a Thai friend, or a colleague, is recommended in helping you with your search. There is also a weekly magazine that is packed with accommodations that are privately and commercially let.


Serviced Apartments


When you want a long-term place to live in the city but don’t have enough time, money or interest to furnish the entire apartment, serviced apartments can be your best bet. These apartments come fully furnished. They are usually offered with an array of amenities like a 24-hour security, internet access, laundry service to name a few.


Designed for a long-term occupant and perfect living situation for business people who wish to spend days in the city, the types of accommodations offer all the comfort you would find in a hotel.




If you are not on budget, renting a Villa in Bangkok can be a great option as it offers privacy and a high standard of accommodation. It’s one of the places that would offer you anything you would expect a holiday to have. Villas in Bangkok come with nice beds, proper bathroom as well as a well-equipped living room.


Also, they come with a fully functional kitchen where guests can cook for themselves. In terms of entertainment, they offer satellite connections connecting local and international channels.




There are also a number of condos in Bangkok. Much like the Villas and Serviced apartments, condos are the finest and offer you the feeling of staying at home. Most vacationers in the city now prefer condos over expensive hotel suites. Condos differ in size and one can pick between a one bedroom and a two bedroom condo.


They are equipped with such modern conveniences as dishwashers, dryers and washing machines that you are used to at home. While searching for condos in the city, you will come across a number of properties, but it’s upon you to decide which apartments meets your budget and needs.


Getting any type of accommodation in Bangkok is no different than any other big city in the world. You have to sacrifice your needs in order to get the kind of accommodation that suits your budget and needs.




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