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What Types of Property Can be Rented in Bangkok?

What Types of Property Can be Rented in Bangkok?

Bangkok offers a lot to choose from for those looking to rent a property. The broad choice of properties means that you can rent a property that perfectly meets your needs, for instance, cost, privacy, length of stay, and furnishings.

Here are properties that can be rented in Bangkok.


  1. Condominiums (Condos)

Condos are very popular among foreigners living in Thailand. As a result, condos are usually well-furnished and will make you feel right at home, especially if you favor western furnishings. Condos are popular among short term renters as well as long term renters.

Additionally, renting a condo gives the renter flexibility when it comes to sizes, which means you can even rent a one room condo, especially if you are using it just as a place to stay during your vacation in Thailand.


  1. Apartments

Apartments are very popular in Bangkok, and even feature a high occupancy rate among foreigners than condos. Apartments are great because they have routine maintenance and extras such as 24 hour security. However, apartments are usually more expensive than condos, and they are usually meant for long-term rent periods of at least 6 months.


  1. Houses

Houses usually offer more space per unit price than other forms of property. Houses are great for people who are looking for a more permanent stay in Bangkok and don’t like to put up with neighbors or the hustle and bustle that comes with living in the city center.

The houses in Bangkok usually offer a pretty good lifestyle, thanks to the presence of amenities such as swimming pools.


  1. Townhouses

A townhouse is normally a semi-detached home that has a number of floors. Unlike houses, a townhouse does not have a garden area.

In Bangkok, townhouses are usually found in gated communities, whereby they are also served by full-time security and communal amenities such as swimming pools.


  1. Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is a great option for Bangkok residents who do not want the hassle of having to furnish the apartments they rent themselves. These apartments come with all the furnishings needed and sometimes feature extras such as Internet access and full-time security, even though these services may involve a surcharge.

Serviced apartments are great for both long-term stays as well as short-term stays while living in Bangkok city.


  1. Villas

Renting a villa can be a good option if you would like to live in a place that offers you some privacy that may not be present in apartment buildings or condos. The villas available in Bangkok offer high quality accommodation which includes utilities such as Internet.

The rooms in the villa are also usually well furnished with beds and fully-equipped living rooms.


  1. Commercial Property

Commercial property is also available for rent in Bangkok, especially in the city center. Consequently, if you require a place to run your business, you can easily find what you need in Bangkok’s property market, especially in the commercial districts.

Some of the commercial properties you can rent include office space, warehouses, shops, retail space and so forth.



Bangkok has a very advanced property market, which makes it quite easy to find the kind of property you need. Some properties are better for short-term stay while others are preferable if you intend to stay in Bangkok for much longer.

Essentially, in Bangkok, you can rent condos, apartments, houses, villas, townhouses, serviced apartments, and even commercial properties such as office space and retail space.

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