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Where to Buy Furniture For Your Condo in Bangkok

Where to Buy Furniture For Your Condo in Bangkok

When you rent a condo in Bangkok, most of the time it comes furnished, however, many people prefer to rent a place that is not furnished so that they can choose their own furniture.

While most Thai’s are happy to sit and eat on the floor and often don’t even have chairs in the house, no doubt you will be looking to make the place special and put your own touches on it.

Below is a list of some of the places where you can purchase furniture that does not break the bank!



This store is a familiar site for those already living in Bangkok and there are many stores scattered around the city. They sell all types of furniture for the living and bedrooms, plus there are also many kitchen items in store too.

This is a brand you can rely on who offer great value for money.



Ikea is located at the Megabangna Retail Park in Samut Prakan. Just like the Ikea stores in the west, the store has everything you could possible need to make it feel like home.

Although you have to travel a bit out of the city centre, it is definitely worth the trip.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is known as the world’s largest market and sells pretty much everything you would need in life, including furniture.

The market can become overwhelming to some people due to its vast size, but once you become familiar with it, you will find it becomes one of your favourite places to shop.

The home furniture is located in sections 7 to 9 and 22 to 26. It is advisable to get to the market early and avoid the rush and afternoon heat.



Oggi is located in LadPrao Soi 71 and is an exclusive store which you need to make an appointment just to visit!

The designs here are quite astounding and often the prices match this.

Most people visit the store to get something small and contemporary, rather than all there furniture. Of course it depends on what budget you have.


SB Design Square

There are 8 stores in total in Bangkok and if you enjoy testing out your furniture before you buy, this is the place for you.

With large floors full of beds, sofas and other popular items, you can work your way round testing the springs on the beds and sofas before making your decision.

The prices are a little bit steeper here, but it certainly has the widest range of items out of the list above.


Final Thoughts

Some of the companies mentioned above will offer a home delivery service allowing you to simply go and choose and wait for everything to be delivered directly to your door.

There will usually be a surcharge for this however.

Hopefully now you have the above information you are now ready to start decorating your new condo!

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