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Where to Look for Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Thailand is a well-known destination for a host of things. From the famous delicious oriental street stall foods to the unique fusion of western and Eastern Asian cultures. Thailand is also one of the top country destinations for travellers and tourists.

The heavily populated capital of Bangkok is one of the major cities in the world, making it one of the favorite top tourist destinations.


Thailand as a country has much to offer for everyone and anyone. With a beautiful country side with likeable weather and cordial people to meet, it is a place to visit within one’s lifetime.


One of the trends that have taken off quite speedily in Thailand, and perhaps most of the South Eastern Asian countries, is teaching abroad. Many students and certified teachers have been exploring the country while doing some community service in Thailand.

The country has been experiencing a shortage of teachers due to lack of financial stability and ample assistance to sustain a healthy education system.


Coupled with a rapidly increasing population that requires schools, facilities, and other educational material. The country has not been able to meet these needs. The problem has hit public schools especially harder than private schools. Most private schools in the country have adequate infrastructure to facilitate a small number of students who are well-off enough financially to pay for the school fees.

As for the rest of the school age children, public schools are the only options. However, the quality of the public school system is questionable, leaving many children at a fault line.


Teaching in Thailand has emerged as a form of both tourism, community service, as well as a career builder for those who wish to visit the country with teaching credentials. Most volunteers go to teach the English language, and very few teach other subjects due to the language barrier. The process of landing a teaching job in the country begins with acquiring a TEFL certification which allows the individual to teach English in a foreign environment.

This certification can be acquired online or by certified institutions.


The next step is to then actually find a teaching site suited for you. Thanks to technology, this can be done online with a simple search and submission of necessary documents.

There are a number of job posts online almost on a daily basis that allows individuals seeking to teach in the country to apply via internet.


One of the good websites for this purpose is From the site, you can find a number of teaching job posts specifically in Thailand. From the site, you may find a number of posts in different parts of the country according to your preference. There are many different parts of the country which one can choose from as their preferred job post. This not only gives you a larger pool of options to choose from, but also gives you an idea of where you would like to spend your time.

After enough research about the different places that are offering teaching job positions, you may be confident enough to apply for a job offered in and around that area.

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