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Why Do Many Expat Retirees Stay In Bangkok Instead Of Other Cities?

Why Do Many Expat Retirees Stay In Bangkok Instead Of Other Cities?

Paradoxically most retirees stay in Bangkok because of convenience, but you wouldn’t identify this from living there, as Bangkok is a sprawling urban metropolis and the retirees, as a clearly identifiable group or segment are spread out more thinly.

This means you can travel to the streets of Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan and see a thin smattering of expat retirees in both locations but there’s a good 50 miles in between both locations and that thin smattering applies to the space in between.

Nevertheless it’s fair to say that retirees tend to purchase property around amenities so the keen observer will see the concentration of elderly inhabitants spike around good housing, good retail and great transport infrastructure.

It’s true that more retirees are evident in Phuket and Pattaya on the streets, in the shops and bars, but in terms of per capita density, the total number of retirees in the Capital is significantly weightier. These expat retirees choose to purchase or rent property in Bangkok because of convenience.

Most expats are familiar with Bangkok even if just passing through because of vacation stays in the Kingdom. It’s worth noting that a substantial number of retirees will have a Thai partner (usually a wife) and choose to live in Bangkok because of the ease with which it is possible to leave the capital and venture out to the extended families up country.

Bangkok is a modern Asian urban environment and once again convenience is the key term for living here. The transport infrastructure is mushrooming each year, and this includes the underground and an ever expanding Skytrain network.

Like many other famous capitals around the world Bangkok Shopping is easily identifiable for its international brands, and retirees enjoy the proximity to known services and products.

People Just Love Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the grooviest cities on the planet and it’s just simply a terrific place to live. It’s not so easy to pin down what the secret sauce is  but in terms of atmosphere and energy, Bangkok is the kind of capital where lovers of life can encounter more eyebrow raising stories, than most non expat retirees would experience in a year of nights out in their home countries.

Bangkok is teeming with laughter, arguments, chance encounters, stories and love affairs.  These days the local inhabitants are increasingly sophisticated and it’s the easiest thing in Bangkok to head out into the night and encounter new people with whom to engage with.

This is so unlike  retirees in Occidental cities where  the retiree may venture out either alone or with friends, and not find anyone new to talk to all night.

Ease of Access

Bangkok is the hub for Asian travel. Kao San Road makes this abundantly clear as the backpackers love to stay there. Suvarnabhumi the new airport located close to the capital, with a Skytrain that goes straight to the heart of the city.

It’s a piece of cake to arrive in minutes. If you like a bit of madness and don’t like to pay over the odds for it, Bangkok is probably the best place in the world.

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