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Why is Bangkok Often Called the Venice of the East?

Why is Bangkok Often Called the Venice of the East?

Bangkok happens to be one in a few lucky places that also bears the colorful name: Venice of the East. The legendary city of Venice is known for its great meandering canals, history, and rich culture, all of which draw droves of tourists from around the world throughout the year.

So, why is Bangkok often called the Venice of the East? Below are some reasons why.

Bangkok Has Several Meandering Canals

Several canals, locally known as khlongs, spread out throughout the city of Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. Over the years, the canals have become a big part of the city’s culture. Like Venice, along the canals you will find several exciting points of interest, not to mention you will get to meet and interact with the incredibly friendly Thai people.

The canals are very important forms of communication in the city, given the incredible depth of their penetration in Bangkok’s major points of interest. This is exactly the same thing the canals of Venice do for the world-famous Italian city. So, the canals had a big role in making European visitors to the city Bangkok call it the Venice of the East.

Bangkok Canals Were Once The Location Of Major Trading Activities

The canals along the Chao Phraya River were very important to the city’s trading activities. In its prime during the Medieval Times, Venice was also an important commerce center, not just in Italy but also in the world. Bangkok started out the same way, before tourism became a more vital part of either city’s economic might. Today, however, tourism is the primary business activity along the canals of both Bangkok and Venice.


Bangkok Canals Now Mainly A Tourist Attraction

Like Venice, Bangkok’s economy relies heavily on tourism. In particular, tourists enjoy boat rides along the canals of Chao Phraya River and get to have an unforgettable experience of this city, just as it happens in the famous Italian city of Venice today. In Bangkok, you can take an exciting trip along these river canals and experience the history that makes it intriguing today and also enjoy the peace and tranquillity that the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city does not permit.

The boats even have English speaking guides, just to make sure that most tourists can enjoy the trips more and make the most of the charming historical and cultural journey they have to take. Venice is the same way. Tourists often pay for boats to take them on romantic trips through the city on the gondolas, the famous one-oared boats.


You Can Buy Unique Keepsakes

On your leisurely gondola trip around Venice, you get to buy trinkets such as the famous Venetian lace, beads, and so forth; to remind you of the trip you took to this historic destination. Thailand has a similar experience, thanks to its floating markets along the canals. These markets – Wat Sai Floating Market and Taling Chan Floating Market – are some of the major attractions along Bangkok canals. Other points of interest include the Royal Barge Museum, and a snake farm.

The similarity between Bangkok and Venice is uncanny, and convincingly explains why Bangkok is often referred to as the Venice of the East. Firstly, Bangkok has numerous canals, just like Venice. Additionally, after starting out as a major trading center, it now mostly caters to tourists who can buy unique artefacts as they take leisurely boat rides along the canals. This is the same experience tourists experience in Venice, hence the name, the Venice of the East.

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